Some thoughts on eSports

Most people who spend some time on the internet have probably heard the word, but what exactly is eSports? Well, it is short for Electronic Sports which is, sort of, a collective term for games that are being played competitively on a high level. I have been working with eSports on my spare time for a couple of years, arranging LANs and  lately as the manager for a semi professional StarCraft II team called Expert Gaming. One of the questions I get now and then is why  do I do what I do, wasting my time on organisations based on something that never will go mainstream. Truth is that I’ve always had a passion for gaming and for me it just felt natural to enter the eSports stage. I have no skill at all at the actual games, but I love to be able to help out as much as I can. The people I’ve met and the things I’ve been able to take part in are just totally awesome!

As for the part about esports never making it mainstream, the numbers are telling a different story entirely. In 2012 MLG (major League Gaming) had over eleven million viewers. that is an over 300% increase since 2011! This is not huge numbers compared to TV channels like FOX or BBC, but that is anyways an unfair comparison taking in consideration  that most of all eSports events are broadcasted via the internet alone and not TV or any other media. and most of the broadcasts go trough streaming sites like, which is a fairly new platform for most people.

Lets do some maths:

in 2010 MLG had about 1 800 000 viewers, 2011: 3 500 000 and 2012: 11 000 000

11 000 000 is 6,11 times 1 800 000, this means that the amount of viewers increased by 611% in two years. Mind blowing numbers! and the best part is that it is still growing. the increase from 2010 to 2011 was 194%  and the increase from 2011 to 2012 was 314%! I truly believe that the eSports adventure just has started, and so should you! I reccomend researching a bit if you don’t know anything about it, it’s really intresting to se how rapidly the community evolves! I hope that you found this as intresting as I find it(and that my math was correct  =S ), and as always you are welcome to submit comments and questions.

source for MLG numbers: SuperData Research


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